The In This Labyrinth Podcast

So I also host the In This Labyrinth podcast.  And huge thanks and credit go to all the amazing podcasts I listen to, especially Disability After Dark (see my “Links” page), for inspiring me to take the leap and do it!


Anyway, on the show, I explore a lot of the same kinds of stuff I write about here, except hopefully in a livelier way.  I talk about various aspects of Phantom – of the story and characters as presented in various incarnations of the story, especially, though by no means exclusively the original ALW stage-musical, and explore how they relate to intersectional politics and social justice.  So, I explore what the story and characters do with race, gender, class, Disability, etc, and/or how they can be used to explore those issues and experiences in non-normative ways.  And I also plan to throw in a book or Phanfic review now and then just for fun!


Also, though, I’d love to do interviews with Phans and others involved in the POTO world.  Because, I have my own background and experience that I bring to this kind of exploration, but that’s just my own perspective.  And I really want the show to present and represent as broad a range of Phan and Phantom-related experiences as possible!  So I’d love to do interviews with Phans at different intersections than mine – Phans of colour, Indigenous Phans, other Queer/Trans/gender non-binary Phans, and of course Phans with different Disabilities/combinations of Disabilities than mine.  That would really be awesome, especially if you do Phan-art, Phanfiction, Phan scholarship, etc, drawn from your experience at those intersections!


So if that’s something you’d be interested in, or if you just want to get in touch with the podcast, you can email me/it at  And you can also, of course, follow the show on Twitter and tweet at me/it at @ITLPodcast, which would be awesome too!  Plus, naturally, there’s a Facebook page for the show where you can like, follow and get updates.  And you can also use any of these means to send me suggestions for things you’d like to hear talked about on the show!  Naturally, I have a whole list of topics I want to explore.  But more ideas are always awesome!


As well as all that, though, I’ve also created a Facebook group in addition to the page.  Because, as well as just me sharing updates about the show, I really wanted to have a more interactive space available where people can share ideas and resources, and where there can be actual discussion of the issues talked about in the podcast.  So please do join and share there too!  I look enormously forward to rich, lively discussion among Phans!  Of course, though, just please keep all discussion respectful.  We likely won’t all always agree.  But that’s no reason to disregard or disrespect anyone’s humanity!


Anyway, that’s the basic idea of what the show’s about.  So I hope folks will give it a listen!  And if you like what you hear, please spread the word so this podcast can grow?  🙂 Thanks greatly!