The Story In The Cards

I read the Tarot in very much the same way that I “read” Phantom. That is, I let my knowledge of the rich symbolism and layers of meaning in the cards work on my mind and intuition until they converge into a story that responds to the question being asked. It’s the mental equivalent of the common practice of gazing at the pictures and letting their imagery work on you. It takes time, which is why I specialize in remote readings. But it offers a powerful, in-depth analysis!

So I offer readings done remotely via the web. Readings can be arranged by email, then once I’ve read the cards I send you the interpretation/analysis. I can send it either written out or as an audio-recording, whichever you prefer (no difference in price). If you’re interested, send me an email at and we can get started. I look greatly forward to reading for you!!


3-card reading $20:

Past/Present/Future spread, “Pro, Con, and Other Considerations” spread, “Yes, No, Maybe” spread, “Zoe’s Spread”, Birthday Spread.  All great Tarot layouts for getting advice on practical questions!

5-card reading $40:

Expanded Past/Present/Future spread, expanded relationship spread, five-part answer snapshot spread.  These spreads are a bit more in-depth than the above 3-card layouts, but are still great for practical advice.

10-card reading $80:

Celtic Cross spread, Rachel Pollack’s “Work Cycle” spread.  These card layouts are superb for doing a deep-dive into a question or situation.

And apologies for the price-jump with that last category!  Ten-card spreads give very in-depth, beautiful and powerful readings.  But they’re also very labour-intensive!  That said, a sliding scale is possible for those for whom the cost is a hard barrier.  Just send me an email!  All I ask is that you keep in mind that this is part of how I make my living.  So if you can manage full price, I’d be most grateful!

Also, 3-card and 5-card readings will be sent to you in roughly three (3) business days, and 10-card readings in roughly five (5) business days.  However, if all or part of a reading is unclear or ambiguous, I take time to consult reference materials in an effort to clarify.  So this may cause your reading to take a bit longer to be sent to you.  But it will greatly improve the quality of what you receive!

Code Of Ethics

I do Tarot readings to the best of my abilities with honesty, compassion, and with supportive, loving intentions.  All readings are confidential.  Neither the contents of readings nor the personal information of clients will be shared with third parties without the client’s explicit permission unless required by law.

I do readings for all the typical things: careers, relationships, life-transitions, general well-being, spiritual seeking.  I do not do readings for past lives, finding missing objects, finding missing persons, solving crimes, or possible demonic/spirit possession, nor do I do readings for persons under 18.

Also, I do not do “third party” readings, that is, readings about some one other than you unless you’re explicitly purchasing a reading as a gift for some one.  So, for example, if you’ve purchased a reading for your friend for their birthday, yes, that I’ll do.  But if you want a reading on how your partner/boss/whomever feels about you, no, that I will not do.  That said, though, please be respectful and only purchase readings for people with their consent/if you know for sure they’re comfortable with it!

Lastly, I reserve the right not to take bookings at my discretion.  Of course I appreciate and value everyone interested in my readings!  Nevertheless, there will be times when I simply cannot take on a booking for various reasons.  Because, life!

Disclaimer and Important note:

I am not a doctor, therapist/mental health professional, sexuality expert, legal professional or financial professional.  My readings can only offer suggestions and are not a replacement for professional guidance/diagnosis in such areas as law, health, mental health, medicine, sexual health, finances etc.

That said, I am aware that a Tarot reading may be as close to these expertise as many marginalized folks are able to access.  And while I’m not qualified to give advice in any of these areas, I will always provide the best reading I can.  And as a Queer, gender-fluid, Disabled person myself as well as a critical Disability scholar, I bring to my readings an understanding of the kinds of issues marginalized folks face.

Refund Policy:

If I become unable to do a reading that has already been arranged, you have the choice of either rebooking or receiving a refund of the cost.  If you simply do not like the reading you receive, however, that I will not refund.  My responsibility is to give you the best, most honest reading I can.  And while I always endeavour to frame things constructively, a truly honest reading can bring up tough truths.

OK! So that’s all the necessary but heavy/scary stuff done with. All of it not withstanding, though, I love reading the cards! I love diving into the richness of their layers of symbology and story. so please do get in touch?!! I look hugely forward to reading for you and to sharing the awesome richness that is the world of the Tarot!