Find My Music

So here are the sites where you can find my music, either just to stream or to buy (latter option coming ASAP). Enjoy!


Check out my stream on Soundcloud! It’s where I put my “singles” as it were. And please bear with how irregularly it’s updated! Alas, Soundcloud’s a great music-sharing platform, but accessible? Not so much! So I may at times have to get help from a sighted person to get stuff uploaded, and that can take a while to arrange. Actually, that caveat goes for most platforms!


And, over on my Vimeo, you can find my videos! Not actually up right now, as they’re still being worked on. But this is where my live performance clips will be posted, along with, as soon as I can get them done, music-videos for at least some of my songs!

And there’ll be more to come as soon as I get Dark Resistance/Labyrinth Love-Story done. ASAP!