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So in light of the awful announcement last fall that the Broadway flagship production of Phantom will be closing, I designed this spell to ask for protection for the show. I’ll be doing it tonight on the anniversary of the opening of the Broadway production. But I wanted to share it as well for other magically inclined Phans to make use of as well! And don’t worry if you don’t see this till after the anniversary. My thinking was that the occasion might give the spell an extra power boost. But it’s certainly not tailored to the date, and there will surely be plenty more opportunities to work it between now and the slated closing date in April!

Protection Ritual For The Broadway Production and The Brilliant Original

For this ritual, you’ll need a few simple items. First, you’ll need something you can use as an altar. Second, you’ll need at least one white or black candle, 3 if possible. Though, if you’re going to use 3, I’d suggest either two black candles and one white, with the white candle place between the two black ones, or two white candles with a single black one between them. Thirdly, you’ll need a cup or bowl of water on the altar so all four elements are present (I use my Phantom shot-glass or one of my Phantom mugs or wine-glasses). Finally, you’ll need your phone, MP3-player, etc, set up to play a Phantom soundtrack (I would recommend the original London cast recording), and an object that symbolizes the Brilliant Original for you that you can place on the altar. For example, this might be an old audio-cassette or CD version of the soundtrack, or an original London or Broadway souvenir program, or a copy of George Perry’s The Complete Phantom Of The Opera, or any souvenir you got when attending a production of the Brilliant Original. Oh, you’ll also need something you can use as a wand and/or an athame. I find Phantom pens make great wands by the way! A Phantom letter-opener might work well as an athame if you happen to have one. Place the object symbolizing the Brilliant Original centrally on the altar as in a place of honour.

Note: you may also want to have an object symbolizing protection (see the Work of the Ritual section further on).


To begin, draw your circle in the air with your wand or athame, starting in the North.

“North – Earth – the Lair Underground and the Labyrinth that leads to it the night.”

(Turn to the East.)

“East – dawn, air – the breath that carries the song, the wind through the organ-pipes – the song of brass and wind instruments.”

(Turn to the South.)

“South – fire – the sun shining down on the city, the candles on the Lake – the passion of the music.”

(Turn to the West.)

“West – water – tears – the Lake underground that leads to the Lair.”

(Turn back to the North to close the circle.)

“All good, wise and well Spirits and ancestors of the elements and the four directions, I humbly call on you to aid me in this work.”

Now, face your altar and light the candle/s on it. (Note, it’s perfectly OK to use LED candles if you don’t feel safe using real ones, although you may only be able to get white candles in that case. Or, you can simply mime lighting real candles, but visualize the flames being lit and burning as you do so.)

“Centre – Holy Spirit, Source,…” (add any other names that feel appropriate.)

“Phantom Of The Opera,…” (Any other spirits/Deities you wish to call on)

“I welcome you all, and I humbly call on you to aid me in this work.”

Work Of The Ritual

“First of all, I give great thanks for the gift of the Brilliant Original ALW stage-musical of The Phantom Of The Opera. I give great thanks for the great blessing it has been to me and to the world.” (Perhaps here name the ways it has been a blessing to you specifically.)

Now, As you say the following, first touch the item symbolizing the Brilliant Original. Then, draw a circle of protection around it in the air or on your altar with your want or athame. And/Or, picture The Majestic Theatre in your mind, and visualize a circle or dome of protection around it. It can be a circle/dome of light, or a web of protective thorns, or something like the Phantom’s portcullis, whatever imagery works most powerfully for you.

“And now, I call on you all to ask for protection for the spirit and message of the Brilliant Original ALW stage-musical of The Phantom Of The Opera, which are at the heart of the show’s power. Guard them from ignorance and greed, and from the whims of those who would innovate merely for the sake of innovation, And let the damage that has already been done by those forces be repaired. Let Phantom hold strong, spirit and voice, human and mystery in one combined. Let it continue to ring out as a beacon of hope and a call to compassion and passion. And once again, guard the spirit and message of the brilliant original, and let the damage already sustained be healed.”

Now, pick up the item which symbolizes the Brilliant Original and hold it in your hands. And with it in hand, while holding your mental image of protection around The Brilliant Original and/or the Broadway production, play the song/scene from Phantom that to you most embodies or manifests the show’s power and message. Let the energy of that song/scene pour into your mental image of protection. Note, use headphones if necessary so you don’t have to keep the volume down.

Note: if visualizing isn’t something that works for you, you might prefer to have an object that symbolizes protection – like a (miniature/toy) sword, or a thorn, or a rose with thorns, etc. Then, instead of visualizing, you can pass the protective object over your Phantom Brilliant Original item as you say the above words and listen to your chosen song/scene.

“In the name of The Phantom, (any other Deities you’ve invoked), and in the name of Creator, Redeemer and Holy Spirit, so mote it be, so mote it be, so mote it be!”


“And now, I thank you all (name all Deities and spirits invoked, including those of the elements – see opening), very greatly for your aid in this work. Go as you must, stay as you wish.”

Now, trace the circle in the air again, but this time going the reverse way – North to West to South To East, and back to North. This opens the circle.

“The circle is open, but always unbroken. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again! And blessed be.” (You can add “Amen” as well as suits you.)


1, re calling on Deities in addition to The Phantom. As a ChristoPagan myself (some one who practices a syncretism of Paganism and Christian elements), I often call on Jesus, Blessed Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen and/or other appropriate Saints in addition to The Phantom. Dionysus might be appropriate here, as the festivals from which much of Western theatre grew were held in his honour, and he’s considered by some the patron God of theatre. Apollo might be appropriate as well, as he’s the patron Deity of music. Similarly, Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of poetry and music might be invoked here. But it really depends on whom – which Deities – you’ve cultivated relationships with. From Christian traditions, you might call on Saint Cecelia (the patron Saint of music), Saint Genesius (patron saint of actors and other performers), and perhaps also Saint Vitus (patron saint of dancers).

2, re song/scene from the show that most embodies the power and message of the Brilliant Original. For me, as I explain throughout my work, this has always been Act I scene 4, the title song – The Phantom Of The Opera. Although, more recently, Act I scene 5, The Music Of The Night as well. To me, these songs and scenes embody the romantic, erotic, political and spiritual heart of the show, even more than the Final Lair (Act II scene 9) as important and powerful as it is. Because, to me, Act I scenes 4 and 5, the title song and Music Of The Night, embody the show’s vision of a transformed world and society where the Phantom and those like him are desired and valued in all their complexity and magnificence.

3. An athame is a magical knife – not sharp – used to direct energies and/or sever energetic/psychic connections.

4. The candles I use are one black and two silver-coloured. And yes, I do only light them symbolicly so far, as I’m not quite brave enough, yet, to actually light them without a sighted spotter around. Although, I hope to get to that point eventually!

5. If at all possible, this working should be done at night, or at least in very low light. Because, Phantom is about “the power of the Music of the Night”, and you want that energy as part of the working.