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So you may have seen things starting to come back to life around here and on my social media? Or, maybe not yet, as the changes may have been too small to notice. Either way, though, yep, stuff’s coming back! It’s just taking a while to do it.

As was the case for so many people, everything got really derailed during the pandemic. But that gave me an opportunity to rethink and re-evaluate. And when I did, LOL things came out in a different shape than they’d been in when I started! Plus, something about my Saturn Square?

Anyhow, the result has been a complete rebranding, at least in terms of names. Although, I’m generally trying to keep the look of things, because I’m happy with that. But, as I re-evaluated stuff coming out of the worst of the pandemic, I realized that my sense of what I’m about and what I’m doing has shifted from when I started all this. I began this journey really trying to understand how to see/feel the romantic and erotic heart of Phantom in myself as some one who doesn’t fit the traditional gender binary as embodied in the portrayals of The Phantom and Christine, and who, therefore, can’t simply choose to manifest one or the other. And that’s still definitely an important part of what I’m about! But it’s also, as I said, shifted from there, partly as I’ve come much more out about my gender fluidity. Although, I’m still working out exactly what being gender fluid looks, sounds and feels like for me. But also, over the past couple of years, I’ve really started trying to live into and come out about by spirituality, and to cultivate a spiritual practice. Phantom has always been deeply spiritual for me to be sure. But I’ve also always been kind of self-conscious about it because so many people around me didn’t take it seriously, so I kind of internalized that. But lately, under the influence of some fabulous Witchy podcasts, I’ve been actually taking it seriously – trying to really live into cultivating a spiritual and magical practice that incorporates/is rooted in Phantom. It’s still very much a work in progress! And it took the coming together of a bunch of elements that only really clicked into place very recently. But that’s really what it feels like my work needs to be about, at least for the foreseeable future!

All that to say, then, that I’ve been retooling all my projects to reflect these changes. But they will come back once they’re ready! I’ve already started sharing new stuff on my Soundcloud and my Instagram, although, as usual, not as much or as often as I feel like I should have. But there will be more, so never fear! And yes, my podcast will be coming back, too. Although, it may take more time as it’s undergoing the most thorough reboot. But I hope to have it back early in 2023 if not sooner! But of course, I’m also still in the process of finishing up my doctoral dissertation, and that has to take priority as it’s got time constraints. And that, plus my own not terribly high-powered working pace, is slowing things down. So we’ll see how soon things get back up and going, but hopefully soon!

Anyway, I hope you’ll all come along on this new phase of the journey. And I hope you continue to find my projects interesting, engaging and thought-provoking, and of course, fun!