Welcome To The Magic!

Welcome to my site! This is one of the places (see below) where I share updates on my various “live” projects, as well as some of my writing, and my Neo-Pagan practice of Phantom Magic. All my work, and my practice of Phantom Magic, flows out of the doctoral work on the Andrew Lloyd Webber stage-musical of The Phantom Of The Opera that I’m currently engaged in, which itself flows from my decades long love for the show combined with lots of studies in music, the Humanities, and the contemporary Witchcraft/magical scene. My passion is for where live music-theatre meets the sacred, especially in Phantom itself, and how that can be an incredibly powerful force for healing and transformation! So check out my blogs Here and on my Patreon for all of that!

So, then, I have three main, on-going creative projects apart from my academic work, though I’m sure others will follow. They are:

My podcast – In This Labyrinth: The Art and Magic of The Phantom Of The Opera

(currently on extended hiatus pending major reboot, although hopefully coming back some time in early 2023.)

Here, I talk about the many levels of brilliance and magic in Phantom, including its intersectional and spiritual resonances. I talk a lot about the Lloyd Webber musical obviously, because I find it especially rich. But I talk about other incarnations of the story too, including Phanfiction. And of course, there’s plenty of room for just straight-up Phannish joy as well!

Spirit And Voice.

This is a project shared amongst the Blog section of this site, my instagram (see below), and my Soundcloud along-side my audio-zines (see below), connected by the tag/hashtag SpiritAndVoice. Basically, it’s how I share some of my practice of Phantom Magic as well as the broader spiritual and political framework that informs it. And on the Soundcloud, it’s also where/how I share my music (mostly covers for now, but hopefully eventually some of my own original songs as well), which is very much connected to my spirituality!

My (forthcoming) Audio-zines – Where Night Is Blind and Phantom Of The Future.

(Note: these will eventually be for sale on Bandcamp. But for now, excerpts will be made available for free on my Soundcloud as referenced above.)

I originally conceived of the first of these projects as a print zine, but realized it would work much better for me – and be far more authentic to mee – as a spoken-word project. It’s an autoethnographic zine where I explore Phantom, Phanship, trauma, spirituality, magic and theatre/the arts.

Phantom Of the Future, meanwhile, is a zine which tries to imagine the Lloyd Webber stage-musical of Phantom produced equitably and sustainably. It tries to imagine what such a production might itself be like, but also what broader social and economic transformations might best support it. Though, it also tries to imagine how the show might itself contribute to those transformations coming into being.


In addition to the above, I also offer remote, in-depth Tarot readings. See the Voice In The Cards page of this site for details.


So those are my main projects and activities. And of course, you can also follow me on my various social media for further updates and goings-on. I’m @phantom_magick on Twitter and @Phantom_magick on Instagram, and my podcast is @ITLPodcast on Twitter. And there’s also my Patreon, where I also blog and give updates as mentioned above, where I’d be most grateful for your support!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy all my offerings, as they’re all very much labours of love!